When the Family Thrives: A Hopeful Poem From A Home Firmly Planted (2015)

Fights are rare here

Replaced by conversation, easy and free

Free because everyone has a voice

Without having to build on top of an ever-growing tower of noise

Hurts are real here

Not painted over by another shell of polish, at layer number “lost count”

“Lost count” is an ineffective remedy for the pain

And working through requires more than blame or winning the game

Still, the name of the pain is not defining us

Instead, we are defined by hope

Hope because life is not meant to be the World Series of Struggle

But whispering waves carry us up and down and paint memories we want to later be found

Shame has no merit here

It gives nothing in return

We give merit instead to love

For love will give everything, in return for nothing

Still, dreams are fulfilled here

Because where endless giving exists, endless receiving also is

Not for exhausted living, but seasons — of breathing in and out

New in time, while “same old” remains the default status we enjoy as it unwinds

Because there is real, everyday life here

With imperfect people growing in love, shared responsibilities that require real trust

Personalities, temperaments, differing opinions, all

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The family thrives here

Not because we’re a fairy tale no one can have

Not because we’ve robotically remained in something easily maintained

But because we know love is not a fad or a fable

But a lifestyle — possible by all provided by perfect love, and perfect love is able

About John J Mannion

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