This Day: You From A Wider Sky (2016)

This day of life is: a blank page upon which you write

Add to it not just kindness, though kindness is the water of an arid land

Not just humility, though humility is an ocean deeper than any man has found

Not just valor, though valor breathes a breath of light

Not just hope, though hope will make the most chaotic chaos right

Add to this day: you

Because you are a force of fiction between the vastness of the margins

A series of scenes untold until they unwind

A word upon emptiness, where emptiness tries to outshine

Yes, a force of fiction between the vastness of the margins

You need add to this day you: not

Because you have something to prove

Flailing about in the wind for notice

Fighting till the last only to behold this

Human frailty claiming deity

No, to this day you: add

Because the very black ink pressing into paper says you are alive and well and have a story to tell

About John J Mannion

Hi! I'm John. I'm rebelling against the mini-bio that tells a little piece of a little piece of the story.