There Is No There


There Is No There

“There are all the facades we put on to power through the world and all the things that look like facades but actually hold a lot of meaning...”



Nonfiction Memoir Project

We're still working on a title for this one, but it's going to be amazing. I truly believe that it will leave a lasting impact on a lot of readers.

This is Alexis' book. It is her story. I am helping with the ideation, organization, and editing processes. I will have "Master Editor" as my official title on the book. Just kidding. Maybe.

When you read this book, you'll experience the full spectrum of emotions. Alexis shares stories from her chaotic childhood, her struggle with addictions and mental health issues, and her adventures while traveling across Africa (which inspired her to found Einstein Rising). Throughout the book, she weaves in what she has learned along the way with humor and honesty.


Story Behind the Story

Keep track of the behind-the-scenes creation process below.

I: Book Concept

APRIL, 2018
Alexis and I met through acting, and we quickly connected over our shared experience of traveling throughout life and our love of animals. When she told me about the book she had been trying to write, I thought, "It's time to make this a reality." That began a process of developing the book concept and structure.


II: Interviews and Writing

We look forward to sharing more updates soon. We're still in the organizing and writing process.