The Pattern Has to Die From A Wider Sky (2015)

If young men would examine their fathers’ lack and the lack of fathers in a nation

If young men would execute a mission against complacency and manipulation

If young men would be the men they admire from afar

If young men would put their focus beyond where they had to start

Then the pattern has to die.

If young men could dream a dream bigger than themselves

If young men could live a life that reaches deeper than empty shells

If young men would lead by care and not by greed

If young men could see through eyes that aren’t deceived

Then the pattern has to die.

I believe in a better end for all that is yet to be

Where freedom of the heart is the primary definition for free

I believe that dead bones rise where this pattern dies

Of young men without a father, without a motto, without a shot at. Life.

For the pattern has to die.

About John J Mannion

Hi! I'm John. I'm rebelling against the mini-bio that tells a little piece of a little piece of the story.