The Next Scene: A Short Letter to Creators and Artists

To get to the next scene of your story with honesty, courage, and freedom, you must come face to face with resistance — the force that wants to stop you from making the next move. You must be able to see resistance and say, “Hey resistance, I know you. But your plans won’t work this time. Nope, nope. This is my time. Nice knowing you and all, but I gotta go. K, bye.”

But let’s rewind a bit. Why is resistance showing up in the first place?

A prefect recipe for resistance (a fancy form of fear) includes a tainted picture of your story and a healthy dash of not accepting who you are.

When it’s hard for you to see, honor, and care for you, resistance will always find it’s way through.

So, while I can’t know your story without knowing you, and I can’t see you without seeing you, I can make some guesses. Here are a few:

You are an artist. You make new things. Art. Writing. Music. Photos. Videos. Moments that impact.

You tell your story. You make your mark. You sing your song.

You know what it means to be in motion. You’ve begun. You’ve stumbled. You’ve questioned. You’ve kept on.

You also know what it means to be stuck. You want to keep moving, but you can’t.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Not by millions. But where do we go from here?

Let’s start here, right now, together.

While all of the above might be true, this can be true too:

You’re ready to be honest. To acknowledge the fullness of your story and share it with others. Because honest art impacts like nothing else can.

You’re ready to be courageous. To see you and honor your personal path. To be the empowered artist who empowers others.

You’re ready to be free. To live life full, and overflowing. To stop over-giving. To start placing the most value on what comes most naturally to you. To breathe with full breath in the work you do.

You’re ready to move to your next scene with honesty, courage, and freedom.

Of course, you know “ready” can only go so far. You must take a step. And there’s the resistance again. Ringing in your ears. Telling you you cant.

It’s too much. You’re too much. It’s not enough. You’re not enough.

It’s time to paint an exit onto that roundabout. Time to press down the ink and write the next page of your story. Time to see those dreams a little more clearly.

It’s time.

About John J Mannion

John Mannion is a writer, with endless curiosity and a mission to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners. At any given time, you might find John at a coffee shop with a mug in hand, next to a fireplace with a dog or cat nearby, or laughing with his wife.