The Call of the Leader: Lessons Learned From A Wider Sky (2015)

Lead not through your eyes alone, for the eyes of the world will watch you to see if you see them

Choose not a narcissist, for a narcissist is unable to see that they cannot see

Lead not by a blinding light, for light is hope’s ally — not a weapon of warfare in times of fear

Choose not the one who rises without a message of light, for ten thousand will fall by his sword’s delight

Lead not through the curtain of curled up hand — unwilling to give, unable to receive

Choose not the one who curls his lips and breaks your home until you come undone

Lead not through the flicker of screens alone, for alone screens will keep us — in a world disconnected by connection

Choose not the one who plays to the games of the screens, for games were never meant to become reality

Lead not through dividing lines, for on one side you’ll find your brother and mother, on the other your sister searching for the hand of her father

Choose not the one who says peace will come by building walls between peace

Lead not with one agenda that wins the right or wins the left, for no agenda is without answers from quadrants outside your minuscule map

Choose not by some self-created notion that all that’s right lies within the hands of self-declared parties, for righteousness never had anything to do with self-declaration

Lead not because you’re angry but because you’re stable, not because you’re privileged but because you’re able, not because you’re rare but because you’re prepared, not because you’re scared but because you care

Choose not a short-sighted fool who sees nothing but his own shifting shadow

Lead not with emotionalism, for people are too easily tricked into cowering before a show until the trance takes them by the hand to a place they never wished to go

Choose not a leader without wisdom, who cannot use emotion to connect, to deliver, even to fight, but never to lie — for a lie told mindfully might be redeemed but a lie told by the avalanche of emotion has no place to go but down

Lead not like your choice matters little, for your choice will be victor in a world of affairs

Choose not like your choice matters little, as if checks and balances will bridge the abyss, when in any other case you would laugh at the thought of choosing this one to lead — even in the triviality of your backyard baseball team

Lead not like the one you dislike, for bitter words become circles that never end in answers

Choose not the one who dislikes entire populations, for everyone has that one they cannot stand but a leader should not stand before the one when they cannot respect the many

Lead not like you’re in exodus, fleeing from the oppressor, when you’re in fact in exile, and no one is following you

Choose not the one who runs the other way, but who stays and admits when things need to change

Lead not out of passion only, for passion will get you past the starting line but promises nothing more

Choose not a leader void of compassion, for such a leader is no leader at all

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