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This page is inspired by Derek Siver’s now page movement.

In short, it’s where I share what I’m doing now. I also include reflections and dreams because I believe it’s important to not only focus on now, but to also remember what has been and dream about what can be.

This Website

I have finally gotten together the first round of content from the archives for this website.

I feel more at peace about having one place for what I do online. It’s not to say I won’t ever have another site besides this. I might. But more and more, I’m intentionally moving toward simplicity and focus.


I currently do A LOT of writing for my work with Scribe Media, so I’ve realized I need to scale back a bit in personal writing aspirations. There’s only so much mental energy one person can have for writing. I finally admit it’s true. ?

That said, I am working on a couple articles for this website—ideas that recently came to mind that I don’t want to lose. I’ve done first phase for a couple of these ideas here and here.

I recently received feedback on my fiction book, A New Nation Awaits. Thank you to those of you who served as beta readers. I didn’t know how much I would gain from an outside, honest perspective. At this point, the book’s on hold. In fact, I’m wondering if it was an idea that came to me, but, because of being put aside for a little too long, has gone on to find someone else. If you’ve ever read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, you know what I mean. We’ll see, though. I could definitely see myself coming back to the concept and characters one day, especially for a screenplay. The book was actually written more as a screenplay than as a typical fiction book.

It’s slow going with Letters to Our Younger Selves, but I’m hoping to ramp up the pace in the new year with Teddy and Kendal. I’d love to finish that book next year. I don’t want to get so far away from our younger selves that we can’t connect to what it was actually like for us then.

Also in the new year, I hope to work more closely with Alexis to get her book finished. This is very much Alexis’ book. I am simply helping with organizing and editing the content. She has amazing stories, and I think what she shares will be helpful to younger adults, especially women, as they navigate life.


I lot of my recent posts on the site, especially this one, are reflection posts. So, if you read them, you’ll see what I’ve been reflecting on recently.


“Coffee with Creators” (A Coaching/Community Idea)

I recently thought about forming some type of online community for creators that treats each individual as…wait for it…an individual.

And it wouldn’t only be for coffee-lovers. ?

What I had in mind was something both simple and engaging, with an element of coaching (1:1, probably through the Marco Polo app) and community (through Podia).

The reality, thought, is I have a lot of ideas like this. ? Just ask my wife. I’m finding that it’s best to wait them out and see if they form into anything or are just informing me about who I am. In some cases, like this one, I think the ideas actually just point to something I wish I had earlier in life but never did.

I’m trying to proactively be more intentional about presence in my life, and to be more present I need to simplify. I’m finally starting to acknowledge that if I want to truly make an impact wherever I am, with whatever I’m doing, I can’t take on the world. I need to focus and go deep (instead of wide). There’s a lot I’ve gained from going wide, of course, but I feel like I’ve graduated to a different season of life now that I’m 30 and all. ?

Speaking of Life

I actually feel some transitions coming in my life more broadly. I can’t say exactly what those transitions will look like right now, but I can feel some things are about to change.

I know that’s super vague. I’ll share more when I know more.

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John Mannion is a writer, with endless curiosity and a mission to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners. At any given time, you might find John at a coffee shop with a mug in hand, next to a fireplace with a dog or cat nearby, or laughing with his wife.