Letters to Our Younger Selves


Letters to Our Younger Selves

“You lived in oblivion, disgust, self-hatred, and confusion for far too many years. You are liberated. Sweet people, self love is not selfish. It’s the forgotten medicine.”

-Theodore Holmes III


Nonfiction Collaborative Project

I am excited to be collaborating on a book with Theodore Holmes (Teddy the Brave) and Kendal Howard, both close friends I love deeply.

This book will consist of a series of short letters written to our younger selves. All of us now being around thirty years old, we want to look back and speak to that younger man. As we do, we will also engage in conversation with one another about how our stories have overlapped and been entirely unique.

I have wanted to write a book for young men for many years, and I think this is a perfect way to do it. Together, we will be able to speak to the realities and questions young men face in a way that I never could alone. This is why I love collaboration!


Story Behind the Story

Keep track of the behind-the-scenes creation process below.

I: Story Concept

JUNE, 2018
After several conversations over the Marco Polo app, we arrived at this idea. We all feel we have a lot to say to our 18-year-old selves, and we know the letters will prompt some interesting conversations between us.


II: Writing Begins

AUGUST, 2018
This process has just begun, and we look forward to giving more updates as we go!

With Teddy after he performed for a show. He's amazingly talented in many ways.