Feeling the Unseen From A Wider Sky (2015)

The nine of ten say:

Beyond all reason, feel free to feel all you want for her, for him
For central to love, after all, are the unreasoned reasons
Be stirred by the song, captured by the moving images
Let it all resonate deeply within your heart of conviction

Even if unseen now, your conviction can stand its ground
For romance is worth the highest crown
Even if hope is all you have, hold it with all your heart
For assurance is where you start

The poet says:

This all is supremely fine — for emotions reign supreme
In a world largely governed by emotion
Fleeting, though they may be, preferred is a world that shines
By flickering lights that go out with time

But speak of feeling God, and prepare to be washed out
By all the reigning sounds, by all that reigns supreme
For “only logic can dictate that God cannot be felt”
And “only reason can answer that God cannot be found”

The one of ten says:

Why do you say with your mind that God cannot be felt
But turn aside and feel, though yet dark, the intangible spark?
Why ridicule the one that says God may be found
When you are free to believe all else from what is in your heart?

Perhaps emotions, after all, have won the day
Perhaps anger, fear, or Puff the Magic Pride
Have shown up just in time
All behind the name of reason
For “feeling the unseen is for fairy tales and treason”

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