A New Nation Awaits (Book 1)


A New Nation Awaits

“Where differences collide, there we find ourselves most full. In the divide, we find our voice most true.”



First Fiction Book of a Series

The year is 2050.

A new generation gains its stride and characters from different cultures collide in this new nation of unity amidst diversity. A plan unfolds to unite the country through new technology, and unsuspecting citizens are thrown into a matrix of mystery.

My ultimate goal is for this series to be made into movies, which will be a whole project of its own.


Story Behind the Story

Keep track of the behind-the-scenes creation process below.

I: Story Concept

JUNE, 2016
I came up with the story concept during the summer — probably while standing on the beach like this.


II: Wrote and Self-Published

NOVEMBER 1, 2016
I developed my characters, came up with the primary scenes, organized, and wrote. I published on Amazon on November 1st, letting family and friends know.


III: Collaboration

JULY 17, 2018
After a bunch of life and never getting around to focusing on this book or promoting it, I decided to get some more feedback with test readers to, hopefully, improve the book in small ways before re-launching. This step is still underway.


IV: Almost There!

After meeting with test readers, I'll be editing and re-launching this one so I can move onto the second book in the series!