It’s hard to sum up a life.

Do I say that I’m inspired by great filmmaking and dream of making a film someday? Or do I talk about my love for animals and food from around the world? Is it best to say that I’m all about new ideas, new places, and meeting new people? Or should I focus on the ways growing up in different countries and states formed me into who I am?

Maybe I should tell you I’ve spent the past couple years studying psychology and doing a lot of personal story work that has helped me see life and love in entirely new ways. Or maybe I should just say I like coffee shops, warm weather, playing sports, and playing music too.

I don’t really know how to sum up a life because a life is so full and always unfolding.

So to keep things short and come to a close, here are a couple things that make me, me: I’m a goal-oriented people person always looking ahead to the bigger picture, and I find that I thrive at the intersection of imagination, innovation, and implementation.

To get to know me a bit more, take a look at some blog posts or, better yet, reach out. I’d love to connect.